D Z Strad Master Viola Bow - Baroque Style - Snakewood Bow

D Z Strad Master Viola Bow - Baroque Style - Snakewood Bow
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The D Z Strad baroque-style viola bow is made of dense, high grade Snakewood.  Modeled after German bows of the baroque period of music, it is a truly unique looking bow that is properly balanced for an even response and exceptionally powerful sound.  The bow itself is exquisitely crafted with a half-beveled Snakewood stick, solid single-piece Snakewood frog, and matching Snakewood adjustment screw. Snakewood is known for its beautiful snake-like patterns, straight grain with fine, even textures, and high natural luster.  This bow is equipped with genuine white, unbleached horsehair.  A great choice for players who are looking to replicate the aesthetic and feel of the baroque era or simply looking for a uniquely crafted bow that offers powerful projection

  • Baroque-style Snakewood violin bow
  • Equipped with genuine white, unbleached Mongolian horsehair
  • Medium to strong range of stiffness
  • Traditional Frog made from Polished Premium Ebony
  • Properly balanced for even playing response; produces a powerfully dynamic sound

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