Kai Bear Tuner for Violin and Bass
  • Kai Bear Tuner for Violin and Bass
  • Kai Bear Tuner for Violin and Bass

Kai Bear Tuner for Violin and Bass

$19.99 $25.00

High quality acoustic tuner - can tune guitar, bass, violin, and even Ukelele. 

Accurate and stable tuning: The tuning resolution reaches ±1cent, the pointer is stable during tuning, and it will not shake back and forth frequently, the tuning accuracy is high

Fast tuning response: It has a fast response time, reaching about 0.2’,so that the result is quickly displayed on the screen as soon as the sound is played

Automatic shutdown without operation: If there is no audio input or operation within 5 minutes, the tuner will automatically shut down to save energy.

Small and beautiful: easy to carry Beautiful appearance, cute and compact, easy to carry, no matter where you go, it is easy to carry, and it does not take up space.

360° rotating screen: It can achieve 360° -rotating screen tuning, no matter which angle you can accurately watch the screen to know the result, and achieve accurate tuning.

Silicone pad protection: There is a layer of silicone pad inside the clip, which can effectively protect the instrument’ surface from scratches during tuning.

Screen display: When the pitch or the pitch is low, the tuner screen displays a blue backlight, and when the pitch is punctual, it displays a green backlight to achieve accurate tuning.

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