D Z Strad Violin Shop has a full time luthier on site. Every instrument on site is fine tuned and hand adjusted before going out to our customers. Let us take care of all of your repairs, restorations, and tune ups! No fee to bring it in for us to look at! We can execute the following repairs:

  • Bridge Replacement
  • Chinrest Replacement
  • Crack Repairs 
  • End Button/Endpin Replacement
  • End Button/Endpin Bushing
  • Fine Tuner Replacement
  • Fingerboard Reglue
  • Fingerboard Refit
  • Fingerboard Clean and Polish
  • Nut Replacement/Adjustments
  • Peg Bushing
  • Peg Replacement
  • Peg Reshaping
  • Pegbox Crack
  • Restoration 
  • Seam Repair
  • Sound Post Replacement/Adjustments
  • Sound Post Setting
  • String Replacement/Peg Doping
  • Tailgut/Tailpiece Replacement
  • And MORE!
To find out about pricing or additional questions, please call us at 914-831-7415, or email us at