Edith 303 carbon fiber violin bow 1/2 size

Edith 303 carbon fiber violin bow 1/2 size


Reg Price: $119

The 1/2 size D Z Strad Model 303 violin bow is a round stick bow made of durable braided carbon fiber.  Featuring an Ebony frog with fleur-de-lis inlay and abalone slide, it is fully lined with nickel/silver and has a unique 8-eye tensioning screw with an abalone button.  The handgrip is made with traditional leather wrapping over silver lapping and is equipped with Mongolian horsehair.  The Model 303 is a great choice for players looking for an alternative to traditional Brazilwood or Pernambuco sticks.  

    • Braided carbon fiber, fully nickel/silver-lined, round stick with Ebony frog and inlayed fleur-de-lis
    • Carbon fiber stick is more resilient and less susceptible to changing environmental conditions than traditional wood
    • Equipped with genuine white, unbleached Mongolian horsehair
    • Properly balanced for even playing response; produces a powerfully dynamic sound

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