Fnu Kjung's D Z Strad Violin- “Adam”, Gasparo da Salo 1590 Copy - Full Size (4/4) Violin Outfit

Fnu Kjung's D Z Strad Violin- “Adam”, Gasparo da Salo 1590 Copy - Full Size (4/4) Violin Outfit


Gasparo da Salo was one of the greatest Brescian makers and, indeed, one of the earliest known makers of the modern violin.  About eighty of Gasparo da Salò's instruments are known to have survived to the present day, and they stand confidently among the works of Stradivarius, GuarneriusAmatiJacob Stainer, and his pupil Giovanni Paolo Maggini as unique examples of the highest mastery attained in European violin making of his era.  Based on designs from da Salo’s “Adam Collection,” the D Z Strad “Adam” is a beautiful reproduction of a pattern commonly associated with the maker’s workmanship.  Featuring a double purfling inlay on both the top and back plates, the instrument is also expertly inlaid on the backplate with three flourishes which are synonymous with the Adam Collection of instruments. 

  • 100% hand-made, 100% hand-varnished, 100% hand-adjusted
  •  Features a Spruce top with lightly flamed maple back and sides
  • Fit with Ebony Parisian-eye pegs with matching tailpiece and end button
  • Beautifully inlaid double purfling on top and back plates with three inlaid flourishes on backplate
  • Set up by our luthiers with a Rock Maple bridge and Dominant strings
  • Outfit package includes a case, Brazilwood bow, shoulder rest and rosin

D Z Strad Violin Model Gasparo Da Salo, 1590, "Adam" Copy Video:



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